Dreaming of the open road?

Thanks to the many Queenslands who have supported us over the last 6 weeks on their trip way out west. Many have dropped into our cellar door for a wine tasting and cafe, where FGP has been the wine of choice.  The perfect drop to keep you warm during those overnight pitstops around the camp fire where the yarns really flow! 

We love seeing how customers enjoy their FGP. Here’s some ideas from ourFacebook!

  • “Music in the mulga of course.. only it was cancelled so we made the trip out to help Carm and Dave with the fencing and now all we need is a lot of FG Port..” - Joanna Spinks-Pike
  • "We enjoy a glass of FGP together when we are gathered with friends and family, anytime anywhere. Around a fire, admiring a view, enjoying a laugh. In the past we have given it as gifts to those that have shared our love of it too. Bring on the next big party I say!” - Lisa Pfeffer
  • “In the outdoor bath” - Rachael McLucas
  • “In our caravan on the road” - Adam Marshman
  • “Around the fire with family and friends.... Actually all the time this port is that good!!!” - Sharon Head
  • “Doesn't matter where you drink it, it makes a good night great ” - Luke Bishop
  • “Right in front of the fire on a cool night. A little bit of port would warm the belly on the inside as well as the fire warming the body on the outside.” - Kirsty Schmidt
  • And from the winner of our FGP competition, “Nothing beats a glass (or bottle) of FGP when catching up with friends or after a long night of study once the kids are asleep... perfect drink for every occasion!” - Erin Neu

And of course, Jim’s Jerky is perfect to chew on a road trip too! FGP and jerky go hand in hand.

Check out our FGP Travel 6 pack for only $149 + shipping for a limited time. Includes a bonus packet of Jim's Jerky BBQ flavour too!Shop onlineor give us a call on 07 4625 3643.

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