Easy Gift Ideas - port filled pottery

Imagine drinking from a boot!

Or maybe a Condamine bell…

Famed for our signature pottery boot series, these highly collectable tawny port filled pottery replicas exclusive to Riversands are a great gift idea for family & friends who seem impossible to buy for.

You could be sipping port from the worn out boots of a boxing entertainer (Fred Brophy) or a pair of RM Williams boots worn by deputy prime-minister Barnaby Joyce. Icons of the Australian bush such as the Condamine Bell, Quart Pot, and the Stockman’s Waterbag have also been moulded in pottery to hold our delicious port.

Ideal for:
    Gifts :  Birthdays : Christmas : Anniversaries : Thank-you’s

Barnaby's Boots
Condamine Bell
Stockman's Waterbag
Quart Pot
Brophy's Boxing Boots

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