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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have functioning toilet services for visitors.

No, but we can arrange a private lift. We also have a free courtesy bus going for Riversands events throughout the year.

Yes, the cellar is ground level.

There are gluten free food options available!

No, we don't charge for wine tasting.

Yes, in the garden, provided they are kept on a leash.

Yes, there is good parking for all vehicle sizes. The road is all-weather and in a formation circuit for easy entry-exit.

Riversands Wines is roughly 3kms from the town center.

We employ up to 50 casual staff at harvest as pickers and shed hands. At pruning and shoot thinning we employ up to 10 staff. These are mostly Tongans or backpackers from around the world. We also employ several locals as permanent staff.

Grapes were first planted at Riversands in 1986. Current owners David & Alison Blacket purchased the vineyard in 1996.


FAQ based around our winery practices

We use drip irrigation to water the vines. We hold a 230 megalitres per annum water licence (St George swimming pool holds about 1 megalitre).

In spring, the vines are watered every 2-3 days. In summer the vines are watered daily on a 3 hr cycle. The drippers apply 2.5 L/hour per dripper. The drippers are spaced at 40 cm intervals. In summer this equates to about 60L of water per vine per day.

We have deep sandy loam.

Dylan Rhymer is our talented Kiwi wine maker! 2018 is Dylan's seventeenth vintage at Ballandean.

500 mm per year (20 inches on the old scale). However, this can vary enormously from as low as 255 mm in 2013 to over 800 mm in 2010!

Ballandean Estate, near Stanthorpe Qld, contract processes our wine grapes. During vintage, the freshly picked grapes are transported by refrigerated trucks to Ballandean. They are crushed, processed then placed into our vats or barrels. Ballandean Estate is owned by Angelo and Mary Puglissi and their families.

The date palms actually came from Eulo, near Cunnamulla. There used to be 181 date palms in the front block. The female palms produce the fruit, whereas the males don't play a major part of production, they're more for looks and pollination! Original ratio of males : females = 1-2 : 15. Now, most of the date palms have been replaced with Menindee Seedless table grapes.

We crush about 60-80 tonnes of wine grapes per year depending on the season.

We typically pick around 15,000 cartons of table grapes per annum depending on the season. Our biggest harvest occurred in 2016 with 28,000 cartons. 

Between 3,000 and 4,000 dozen per year.

The vines at Riversands range between 1 and 26 years of age. We also plant new varieties and replace less productive vines each year.

A total of Approx. 50 acres (20ha), comprising 38 acres of table grapes and 12 acres of wine grapes.

Table grape varieties are Menindee and Midnight Beauty.

Wine grape varieties include Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, White and Black Muscat, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ruby Cabernet and Merlot.

Shipping & Delivery

Freight charges are approximately:

Queensland                                  $20/dozen

NSW, ACT, VIC & SA                    $25/dozen

Tas, WA, NT                                 $45/dozen

For all international enquires. In order to get the correct shipping costs for your location please either email Riversands at OR call us on 1800 357 622

Yes, most certainly! We can also include a message with your gift on your behalf.

Almost half of our wines are sold through the cellar; the balance is split between shows, retail and mail order.

Mail orders are posted in St George the next business day. Delivery takes approximately 2-3 working days in Queensland and 2-5 days intersate.

By Australia Post via their special wine delivery service. We are able to track the parcel along the way until it is delivered.