Get Ready for Christmas with Riversands Wines!

Our wines are the perfect pairing with the upcoming days spent with family and friends. We recommend partnering our refreshing wines with an antipasto platter or perhaps fresh berries and crepes to compliment the array of aromas that will come to life when put with different tastes. It does not matter if your guests happen to be young or young at heart, they will love the pink bubbles of theSparkling Sisters, whether it is for a snap on the ‘gram or taking a moment to enjoy the rose petal & strawberry aromas this particular award-winning drop is so popular for.

Another favourite this holiday season is our‘Let’s Dance’ Sparkling chardonnaywhich can be purchased on its own or in the ‘Swing it’ gift pack, making for an easy and thoughtful gift ready to be used to celebrate Christmas, the New Year and everything in between! As it comes with two champagne glasses and a stopper in the pack, it is truly a perfect companion when doing the rounds on Christmas Day or when visiting friends on New Year’s eve.

The most popular option so far this festive season has been the purchasing of either the dry or sparkling 6 packs, featuring mixes of our favourites. For the Xmas Dry 6 Pack there is an assortment of our Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and recently released Chardonnay and Merlot. The Xmas Sparkling 6 Pack is the perfect party starter, with three bottles of each ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Sparkling sisters’ to ensure that the party is not only started, but can last all the way from Christmas to New Years Eve day!

All of our gift packs come wrapped and we add your personalised message before posting Australia wide! Browse our gift shop now and buy online today ready for your Christmas!