Group Bookings

Looking for a place to host your next function? Consider Riversands! We specialise in entertaining groups, hosting functions and looking after bus tours in garden.
You can pop out at any time with visiting family and friends, but if there's a few of you (more than 10), why not phone us to organise a special private tasting?

Types of groups we host:buses are welcome at Riversands

Bus Tours
Staff Functions
Baby Showers / Mothers Groups
pretty much any reason you can think of!

* some groups incur a surcharge

There's plenty of things to do during your visit:

Stay aboard your bus while we take you on our vineyard tour.
Enjoy a free wine tasting in our large garden area.
Be sure to taste our jams & chutney while you visit!
Have a sip from the unique pottery boots of Fred Brophy or Barnaby Joyce, a Condamine Bell or Waterbag.
Be part of an interactive wine presentation as passionate locals present a diverse range of wines featuring stories from the area.
Add in morning or afternoon tea or light lunch to your visit.

Packages & pricing:

For package information and pricing details on your next private wine tasting & lunch, please contact:

David Blacket
p          07 4625 3643
f           07 4625 5043

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