Make Your Tastedbuds Dance!

What food is best paired with Let’s Dance Sparkling?

We had a play with some different dishes that are well paired with our beautiful, new,Let’s Dance.

Let’s Dance is a sparkling white wine based on chardonnay grapes with citrus and pear aromas and a zesty palate.

We thought we would try a couple of options, a sweet and a savoury.

First off, we paired the Let’s Dance with a salmon, cream-cheese bagel. A perfectly savoury meal, the delicious bagel with cream cheese, light herbs flowing through and smoked salmon – delicious!

Another tempting savoury alternative would be a glass of bubbles accompanied by a mini platter of grilled prawns, marinated green olives and chorizo croquettes. 

To finish off the evening (although it would be perfect for a brunch party), we paired the Let’s Dance with waffles, a touch of ice cream, fresh strawberries and freeze-dried raspberries! The Let’s Dance set off the sweet flavours and together was a beautifully decadent experience.

For something a little lighter you could try pear and almond tarts with a glass of Let’s Dance working its magic to cleanse and refresh the palate.

Of course, the Let’s Dance also goes perfectly well with your favourite cheeseboard and charcuterie platter (you’ll see we had this in the pics as well).

Serve chilled (6°C), best drinking now until 2021.

An absolute winner at any celebration. Especially if there’s dancing!

What would you pair it with?

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