Snapshot of the week

Spring -  the time when vines change from looking like sticks wrapped on a wire to bushy green leaves,  warm days signal the dusting off of the BBQ and most excitingly new wines hit the shelf!
Stacks of new vintages are gracing the shelves up in the cellar, while down the paddock Trevor and the paddock crew have been busy replanting around 4000 vines (for table and wine grapes) and repairing vineyard infrastructure.

So, take a stroll with me down the paddock today, and bring your camera!

grape bud burst vineyard spring 2012

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  • Gold Medal for Grand Old Lady

    There is a special golden glow about Riversands Wines' Ellen Meacle Merlot 2013 with a Gold Medal awarded at the recent Australian Small Winemakers Show. The merlot was also awarded a trophy for Best Queensland Red Wine.

    David and Alison Blacket from Riversands Vineyards are particularly delighted with the awards as there was tough competition from over 230 boutique wineries. David said ‘It's a great result as this wine show has grown to be the most prestigious for small wineries in Australia and New Zealand'.  David and Alison Blacket celebrated the award at home.

    Diary of a Traveller

    "What's delaying you?" asks Gillian. This plucky traveller, along with her husband Graham (of no fixed abode) and their motorhome are one of the many travellers exploring the West post floods.

    Winter down the paddock

    They say, out of adversity comes opportunity. So it's been here. The floods created plenty of havoc, but we're using that to our advantage.

    Quite a few trellis posts (the ones that are up and down every row) needed replacing after the floods. The ground swelled whcih has caused some of the posts to dislodge and lean over. So we thought 'while we're fixing the posts, let's take the opportunity to plant some new vines.'trellis posts were damaged in the floods

    Floods won't diminish wine supply

    Although our vineyard was heavily flooded, we were still able to harvest some varieties.

    In most of our wine styles, we have good reserves up our sleeve for the coming years. We were able to salvage some grapes this year. Whilst our Chardonnay crop was larger than expected the other grape varieties weren't as plentiful. Overall, we expect we have been able to harvest half our usual crop.

    2011's Big Wet - What it was like at the peak

    Update #3 - 28th January

    What a hot past few days! It's the type of weather we needed a few weeks of pre-Christmas to help ripen our grapes! 

    Grapes chill out in new coldroom

    Once the grapes have been picked, they need to chill down quickly before heading to Sydney on refrigerated trucks. Our old coldroom did the job - albeit very packed out! We've upgraded from our modest 3.5x6m coldroom to a mammoth 12x14m, 3.8m high coldroom!

    Check out the beast!

    Top row of pictures were taken before the cement was poured!

    Bottom row shows the coldroom as it is today.


    Season's Greetings!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to our family, friends, and supporters!

    2010 has been a year of highlights, floods, festivals and plenty of rain for us here at Riversands. Hopefully your year has been just as eventful (and a little less wet!)

    They 'Muster' had a good time

    We sure did! The Gympie Music Muster, held each year the last weekend in August, is our favourite sponsors event. main stage at gympie muster

    It was our 12th year as sole wine supplier for the event this year, and after 12 years, we’re really getting to know our way around the Muster! Jump on board for a quick tour of what it’s like at the Muster.

    riversands wine stall at gympie muster

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