Riversands wines is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Beardmore's Dry White Sauvignon Blanc 2020!

27 May 2021

We are so excited to provide you with your Easter weekend escape April 3rd & 4th at our vineyard! Kicking off the party is The Missing Link, paying tribute to over 4 decades of classic hits they’ll be pumping out all your favorite jams!

22 Mar 2021

We’ve worked hard and here are some egg-cellent highlights for the event. Easter egg hunts, colouring and dance competitions, live music and wine tastings are all on offer.

5 Mar 2021

We don't believe with celebrating love on one day of the year, even though it’s always nice to add that extra special touch! We love, love, all the time!

If we celebrate the love we have for our friends, family, significant others, etc., every day it becomes a more genuine appreciation for love and a better day. 

14 Feb 2021

We were excited to be featured in The Wine Wench blog when she reviewed our crowd favourite, F*cking Good Port (FGP)! 

29 Jan 2021

Nothing can beat the pure satisfaction felt during the first sip of chilled wine on a hot day. The only words that can describe such a feeling are ‘Major Mitchell’, our white Moscato.

Here is a delicious Tangy Thai Chicken Salad to pair with Major Mitchell, a match made in summery heaven if you ask us!

7 Jan 2021

We were excited to be featured in The Wine Wench blog! Read what she had to say below…

3 Dec 2020

Stuck on what to get the man in your life for Christmas?

We have the solution - our Black Magic Gift Pack! Featuring Black Magic Vintage Fortified 2018 and a copy of ‘The Missing Man’ book.

3 Dec 2020

The festive season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a wine in hand?

2 Dec 2020

Since Queensland opened, visitors have been flocking to the west including a visit to Riversands during their stopover at St George! We know our FGP is an excellent drop to keep you warm during overnight pitstops around the camp fire.

14 Jul 2020

Time for adventure? Time to visit your friends and relatives? Head bush and explore the great outdoors!

17 Jun 2020

Our garden cafe is now open daily for smoko and lunch with wine table service 9 am- 5 pm. (Sunday 9 am- 4 pm).

18 May 2020

Congratulations to Gemma Leary, our Mother’s Day competition winner who shared, “What I love most about my mum is the fact that she is mine; wouldn’t have her amazing carefree, loveable sprit any other way!"
We hope your lovely Mum enjoys her bottle of Let’s Dance sparkling chardonnay.

6 May 2020

Our Stirlings Reserve gift pack comes with a bottle of aged fortified liqueur muscat with a delicious packet of Lindt chocolate. Perfect for commemorating birthday  and related events! It honours the life of Stirling Blacket, Gallipoli veteran and bushman of the Maranoa.

22 Apr 2020

Black Magic vintage fortified honours WW2 fighter pilot Len Waters. He flew 54 sorties over the skies of PNG and Borneo in his kittyhawk nick named “Black Magic” by the previous pilot. He was a Kamilaroi man who spent most of his working life in St George. What better way to commemorate his wartime achievements than with a sip of Black Magic in honour of Len Waters along with his life story chronicled in "The Missing Man."


17 Apr 2020
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