Gold Medal for Grand Old Lady

There is a special golden glow about Riversands Wines' Ellen Meacle Merlot 2013 with a Gold Medal awarded at the recent Australian Small Winemakers Show. The merlot was also awarded a trophy for Best Queensland Red Wine.

David and Alison Blacket from Riversands Vineyards are particularly delighted with the awards as there was tough competition from over 230 boutique wineries. David said ‘It's a great result as this wine show has grown to be the most prestigious for small wineries in Australia and New Zealand'.  David and Alison Blacket celebrated the award at home.

David said "we have been recognised for our fortified and white wines over the years, so it is pleasing also to receive recognition for our reds."

Riversands merlot wine honours Ellen Meacle in tribute to her role as one of the first pioneering white women in the district. Like Ellen Meacle successfully crossing the flooded Moonie river in her washing tub in the 1850's Riversands Vineyards has recovered after recent record breaking Balonne River floods to produce this gold medal quality merlot wine. Judges recognised the wine as having maturity from both viticultural and winemaking influences.

David said ‘We were fortunate to have a relatively cooler summer and lower rainfall for the 2013 vintageEllen Meacle Merlot 2013 which helped the grapes develop greater complexity and depth of flavour. ‘ He added ‘These vines had been previously fully submerged in flood waters for 6 days in 2012 at the tail end of three summers of flooding rains. With careful management they've shown themselves to be remarkable vines to recover from that stress.'

Merlot is traditionally a soft supple style of red wine with medium tannins which pairs well with many foods. This gold medal merlot has rich red fruit and plum flavours, a smooth texture and silky tannins making a satisfying style. It has a long smooth finish. It is due for release in early 2016 and orders can be reserved now.

Riversands was also awarded a bronze medal each for the 2014 Red Moscato and 2014 Beardmores Dry Sauvignon Blanc at the same show. The 2014 Major Mitchell White Moscato recently was recognised with a bronze medal at the Rutherglen Wine Show in Victoria. Our Beardmores Dry Sauvignon Blanc and Inland Way Chardonnay also received bronze medals at the recent Queensland Winestate Awards.



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