Harvesting Wine Grapes | Cabernet Sauvignon

This season’s wine grape harvest has been finalised at Riversands Vineyards with the picking of our cabernet sauvignon.

Owner David Blacket said “we use our premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz Grapes to make our famous St George Port (FGP) which is sold widely throughout Australia. To make good port we hang the fruit on the vine until it is shriveling and sugar and flavours have maximised.”

“It is always a relief to finish harvest which started way back in December with our table grapes. We combine our Shiraz, Ruby Cabernet and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to make our port.”

“This season we harvested around 60 tonnes of wine grapes of which 22 tonnes were allocated towards our port. This will produce roughly 20,000 bottles of port, which is required if we're to keep up with the growing interest in our locally grown port.”

“Our wine grapes are freighted to Ballandean Estate for processing and bottling. The 2018 vintage port will be released in a few years time, sometime around 2021."

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