Introducing New 2022 Riversands Wines Vintages

Riversands Wines has some exciting new arrivals! 

Introducing our new vintages, Beardmore's Dry White Sauvignon Blanc 2022, Dr Seidel's Red Moscato 2022 and Sunset Vermentino 2022.

Let’s get to know these wines!

Beardmore's Dry White Sauvignon Blanc 2022

A fresh zingy dry white wine with lingering lemon, lime & citrus aromas and green apple flavours. Made from our early picked Sauvignon Blanc grapes this crisp wine is ideal with freshly caught yellowbelly and garden salad. 

This wine honours Eddie Beardmore, the popular Member for Balonne (1957-1969). He championed the St George Irrigation Project. Beardmore Dam was named after him. Eddie was well known for his dry wit. He once claimed that he was so 'poor' after a long drought that when he sheltered under a barbwire fence during a thunderstorm, he never got wet!

Dr Seidel's Red Moscato 2022

Our very popular Dr Seidels Red Moscato is a lightly sweet red made from Black Muscat grapes in an Italian style. Lovely cherry ripe and raspberry aromas. 

Our wine honours Dr Ernest Seidel who in 1862 was the first to grow grapes at St George. In his first attempt from 500 cuttings only 3 vines struck. Next year from 1,000 cuttings 25 struck. Nonetheless, he persevered until 2 acres were finally established. By 1876 there were about 1,400 gallons ready for bottling.

Sunset Vermentino 2022

This brand new crisp medium bodied dry white with honey, pear and citrus aromas and a savoury palate is new to the Riversands Wines family. We recommend serving with freshly shucked oysters or barbecued seafood and grilled vegetables with tarragon sauce. 

Vermentino originates in the Sardinia & Liguria regions of Italy and is also grown in France. It holds its natural acidity in our hot summers better than other varieties making it highly suited to grow in St George. Enjoy a glass on the banks of the Balonne in full view of our glorious western sunsets.

Make sure to come visit us at St George for a personalised wine tasting of our new vintages and enjoy a stroll around our vineyards whilst you’re here! In the meantime, all these new wines can be purchased on our website here (hyperlink - )