Opening 19 Y/O Port-filled Wobbly Boots!

Below is a message received from a couple of Riversands old-time customers. It's good to see our product is being appreciated!

Hello Riversands Team,

My wife and I finally had the opportunity to get to visit your vineyard personally on the way back to Brisbane from Dirranbandi (the Paul Kelly and Friends concert). We thoroughly enjoyed the brief visit and taking the time to chat with your staff and buy some wines. I mentioned I had a pair of RM bottles I bought a very long time from you (the big 750ml pair, numbered 756) and mentioned I hadn’t ’cracked’ them yet. I was told to get into them to make sure they hadn’t ‘turned’ in their 20 or so years of storage.

This morning I cracked both of them and I am very pleased to say that they are both very drinkable – the left one, however, is smoother than the right… or was it the right? Hang-on …no, the left is definitely smoother than the right – I guess you can assume my guests will be drinking the ‘right’ port.

I have attached some pics of my unveiling, and I look forward to enjoying drinking them down to the toecaps over the remainder of the winter – I may even try to reminisce back to when I bought them and party like it’s 1999!

I hope you like the pics and also hope Deb and I get a chance to visit again soon and sample some more bottles of your fine wines. The Ellen Meacle Merlot was my favourite!

Thanks for the memories, we loved your country hospitality - keep doing what you are doing.

Kind regards

Brett and Debbie Watkin