Popular Sparkling Sisters Back on the Shelves

First released around this time last year, the Sparkling Sisters was an instant hit with customers, offering a unique semi-sweet finish with rose petal and strawberry aromas. It is the first of its style in our range, something that was heavily requested by our customers. And it showed! Our 2018 Sparkling Sisters sold out within the year. However, we are pleased to announce the release of our 2019 Sparkling Sisters, bottled, corked and ready to be drunk. 

Owner Alison Blacket said “Sparkling Sisters is a lightly perfumed blush pink effervescent style. Semi-sweet, it has fragrant rose petal aromas and strawberry and ripe cherry flavours.”

Alison said “All the wines in the Riversands range celebrate identities of the bush and it is timely to recognise the strength of sisters everywhere. Sparkling Sisters gives light to the sisters who support each other and are there for one another but whose efforts often go unnoticed. They share our lives and make us laugh. They may be sisters by birth, sisters in friendship, or sisters in work who share the best of times and the tough times too. With their special touch of magic, sisters bring a sparkle to our day.”

“The Sparkling Sisters wine label is based on a painting by my sister, artist, and former St George doctor, Rosie Jones. Rosie has beautifully painted three women dancing symbolising sisters of the bush with movement, energy, and fun.”

The 2019 label sports some minors adjustments, but the refreshing and bubbly taste remains the same. Try a chilled glass at your next brunch with a spicy chorizo, goats cheese and rocket salad or with crispy waffles, fresh berries, and vanilla cream. It is a versatile wine which can be served with appetisers, mains or dessert thanks to its sweetness and lower alcohol level. Or create your own mix of Sparkling-food combos and share with us today.

So grab yourself a bottle or two today to share with friends or enjoy yourself. Check out the Sparkling Sisters here to buy online.