Riversands Sauvignon Blanc gets a make over by Noel Miller

Noel has been a finalist in the Norvill Prize, Blake Prize, Jacaranda Drawing Award, Kedumba Drawing Award and the Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing, and a winner of the Warwick Prize. Since 2002, he has held 33 solo exhibitions as well as being in numerous group shows. We were very excited to have him agree to work with us on the new label for our Beardmore's Dry White Sauvignon Blanc.

Noel, can you please describe the painting for us?

The painting is a representation of the Balonne River and winery at sunset, painted in my very distinct colourful and textural style.

The river runs through the centre of the painting, beside the gum trees framing the vineyard and looking out to the sunset.  I am known as a colourist and sometimes I employ colours that are in the peripheral of landscapes and bring them to the fore, as in the river, using aqua which is present subliminally in the outback landscape.

What was the inspiration for the painting?

Alison who owns Riversands Winery with husband David Blacket, had a big input into the inspiration for the painting by telling me what they envisioned and using other works of mine to provide examples.  As this artwork was painted with the specific use of being a label, I needed very much to meet the brief of the winery.

How did it come about to partner with Riversands Wines for the label?

Alison and I are good friends, stemming from her learning to paint in my practice.  Because we come from the same part of the world in south west Queensland, we have a lot of friends in common which made for a special friendship. 

Does the painting have a special meaning to you?

This painting was meant to have a special meaning to Alison and for that reason it will always be special in my memory.  It will also add another story to my upcoming exhibition. Exhibitions need to tell stories.

What is your favourite Riversands wine?

I love all their wines.  I think my favourite Riversands wine is their Sauvignon Blanc. Lovely, fresh and invigorating wine.  We eat a lot of Asian inspired meals, which my partner Craig creates, and this wine goes perfectly.  It goes well with fish and chicken dishes as well.  We love to entertain, and we think the perfect end to the amazing meals is to have guests try a Riversands Golden Liqueur Muscat with my famous chocolate mousse cake or a Dr Seidel's Red Moscato if we are ending on a cheese platter.  Friends are always impressed with the quality of the wines and find it interesting to know that there is an amazing winery in St George.

What made you a good match to create the label for the wine?

I could say for a start that I am a good match because I love the wines.  I love the West and have many great friends in the St George area, and painting something especially for a good and interesting friend such as Alison, is a work of love.


Noel is exhibiting his works at Percolator Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane from 17 to 22 September every day and Riversands has loaned the painting to be on display. On Friday night, 20th September, there will be an official opening to celebrate his ‘Terrain’ exhibition and we think it’s only right to have Riversands Wines there! Come along and celebrate and enjoy some Riversands Winery wines.

Learn more at www.noelmiller.com


The finished product on a bottle of our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc

To get yourself a finished copy of the bottle's design and find out more about the wine such as it's unique tasting notes, food matching, and other technical details click here!