The Story Behind Sparkling Sisters Label

And not only that, it was painted by the wonderfully talented Rosie Jones, who also happens to be of the three sisters who were the inspiration for the wine name and the very label she painted?

The design was commissioned by Riversands owners David and Alison Blacket. Rosie is Alison's sister and she and her siblings grew up at "Bendemere" near the small town of Yuleba in South West Queensland. We had a chat with Rosie to find out more about how the painting came about.

Rosie explained that Alison, who is one of the three sisters, came up with the name. “The three sisters (myself, Alison and Heather) love dancing and dance a lot which is where the inspiration for the figures came about. It’s about celebration, joy and freedom. It’s a sparkling wine which is meant for celebrating every aspect of life.” She said.

When questioned about how the design evolved, Rosie shared “it’s a process of imagination. I arrived at an image in my mind and from that it’s about adding the detail.”

It’s not doubt that Rosie is a big fan of the wine, “I really enjoy it. Sparkling wine is my most favourite drink and it is of great significance to the vineyard. It’s a pretty blush pink in colour with rose petal & strawberry aromas and refreshing semi-sweet finish. I prefer to enjoy it served lightly chilled (10°C) with an antipasto platter and my sisters and friends.”

The Sparkling Sisters is also well paired with a spicy chorizo, goats cheese and rocket salad or with crispy waffles, fresh berries, and vanilla cream. It is a versatile wine which can be served with appetisers, mains or dessert thanks to its sweetness and lower alcohol level. So get your sisters together and give it a try! You can purchase the Sparkling Sisters HERE.