Queensland is open- escape west!

C’mon Shirl you grab our bags and I’ll hook up the van

And we’ll head out west ‘cause Anna said we can

We’ll drink golden muscat under the starry skies

And laugh with new friends around warm campfires


Caravan ?

Partner ?

Food ?


To toast your new-found freedom, we suggest our flagshipGolden Muscat Liqueur.

What better way to spend your night under the stars and a crackling campfire than with our award-winning fortified wine?!

This classic dessert-style or "sticky" wine is a luscious sweet white liqueur with rich honey, lychee, butterscotch, and raisin flavours. Made from late-harvest White Muscat grapes, aged in old oak barrels, and blended from several vintages with the oldest vintage 25 years of age this is our ‘go-to’ winter beverage this season.

This classic dessert wine is best served chilled and would go splendidly with a good old fashionedbread and butter pudding– the ultimate winter treat.

Golden icecream bombs!

Or take a ride on the wild side and try our Little Golden Bomb. Deliciously easy to make and lip-smackingly good.

Add a chilled grape into a port glass, then add a good pour of Golden Liqueur Muscat topped by a little scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

For the cherry (or grape) on top, we recommend our song of choice Golden Years by David Bowie (Nominated by Zenna Smith).

And to sweeten the deal, receive a free box of delectable chocolates and a glass votive candle when you purchase two bottles of our Golden Muscat for the special price of just $49 (+ shipping). These star-shaped chocolates matched with our lusciously raisiny liqueur are a match made in heaven.

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