Riversands releases new dry sparkling “Let’s Dance”

Riversands latest sparkling wine named “Let’s Dance” was recently launched at Birdsville Races in the boxing tent of Fred Brophy where Fred himself popped the cork!Click here to see the opening video!!

Riversands owner David Blacket said “Let’s Dance is a dry sparkling based on chardonnay grapes with lovely pear and citrus aromas and a zesty palate. It has received great reviews and has been dancing out the door since release! It complements our sweeter sparkling wine “Sparkling Sisters” which was first released in 2018.”

Riversands owner Alison Blacket said “The name Let’s Dance came about after a dinner party with friends enjoying dancing and late-night music. My sister Rosie Jones was excited with the commission to create the artwork to match the name, as she did for the Sparkling Sisters label. The end result is a self-portrait of Rosie and her talented dance partner Ian doing Swing.

Rosie said “The painting depicts a happy moment on the dance floor. My dance partner Ian and I enjoy Swing dancing in a few different forms including Lindy hop, Balboa and the Blues. I love the name of the sparkling wine that Alison chose ‘Let’s Dance’. It beckons you into the state of joy and freedom, letting go of the worries of the day.”

Artist Rosie Jones with dancing partner Ian

“I most certainly listened to Let’s Dance whilst painting and many other favourite dance tunes. I wasn’t wearing my red shoes while I was painting but I do have some and those shoes and I have spent many happy hours together on dance floors around the Byron Bay area and Brisbane!”

“Riversands Let’s Dance tastes superb. It has become my favourite Riversands wine – my ideal is to drink it when enjoying an antipasto platter with some prosciutto, olives, cheese and light sourdough and then of course to dance. Never stop dancing!”

 Alison said “Let’s Dance” is the perfect wedding wine or ideal for family celebrations. You can order directly from our cellar ph 1800 357 622 or on-lineLet's Dance Sparkling 2019. Or visit us at the Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show 25-27 October 2019.

Enjoy the video of Rosie and others through here or click the picture below.