Black Magic Gift Pack

For a special gift purchase the newly released biography “The Missing Man” by Peter Rees with a bottle of our Black Magic 2016 Vintage Fortified gift wrapped for $59.00 plus postage. We can gift post to your friends or relatives anywhere in Australia with a message included. Freecall 1800 357 622.  Enjoy the book with a glass of Black Magic vintage fortified and chocolate truffles or fruitcake!
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In the book, Peter Rees chronicles the powerful and at times tragic story of Len Waters, Australia’s only WW2 aboriginal fighter pilot. The legend of Len Waters began in 1944 when he joined the RAAF training as a mechanic then pilot. 

Based on the 78th squadron in New Guinea and Borneo he went on to fly 54 combat sorties many of them in his Kittyhawk coincidentally nicknamed “Black Magic” by its previous pilot. 

After the war he settled in St George and married Gladys Saunders, raising a family of six. He believed he could “live on both sides of the fence” and be part of Australia’s emerging airline industry. He just wanted to fly but instead became the missing man in Australia’s wartime flying history. 


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