Stirlings Reserve- honouring a true Anzac

Our Stirlings Reserve gift pack comes with a bottle of aged fortified liqueur muscat with a delicious packet of Lindt chocolate. Perfect for celebrating birthdays or with mudcake at morning smoko! Gift wrapped for $39.00 plus postage.Order freecall 1800 357 622.

Fitting the Anzac spirit Stirlings Reserve honours the life of Stirling Blacket, Gallipoli veteran and bushman of the Maranoa. Stirling is the grandfather of Riversands co-owner David Blacket. In 1914 aged 19, he enlisted in the 2nd Light Horse and rode his way into ANZAC legend. Despite being wounded at Gallipoli, he returned as a despatch rider followed by 3 years of Lighthorse action through the deserts of Palestine, Sinai and Gaza. He received the Military Medal for capturing 11 Turks before the charge of Beersheba. 

Stirling became a landholder in 1927 when he bought Tamanick the Blacket family property located south of Mitchell. He married Freda Hamilton in 1928, thereafter developing Tamanick, raising a family of four and breeding a fine line of Hereford cattle. Stirling lived to 98 and was partial to a tot of OP rum! While he didn't live long enough to see Stirlings Reserve released in 1997, we know he would have approved of this liqueur muscat made from black muscat grapes grown at Riversands. In true Anzac spirit we drink to his life and memory.