Vineyard jobs

You are welcome to apply for seasonal work at Riversands Vineyards throughout the year.

At the moment we are looking for experienced table grape pickers ready to start around mid December 2016.

Other work periods are from May to July for pruning and September to November for shoot and bunch thinning.

Backpackers can use this work to extend their working holiday visa's. Please note all vine work is paid on a contract basis.

For cellar door work our busy period is from April to September.

If you are interested in working at Riversands please apply on-line via our job application form. Just click on "Apply Now."


 David Blacket

Ph 07 4625 3643


  1. We are looking for a full time cellar door sales assistant for 3 months starting April 2017. Our applicant needs to be engaging, energetic and able to connect with our customers. Hospitality skills preferred. All training provided.
  2. Pickers required for a busy table grape harvest starting mid December until early January.

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