Why We Love Our Mums on Mother’s Day

Why people love their mums

We hosted a competition onFacebooklast week where we asked the reasons why our audience loved their Mum.

We LOVED the responses so much that we created this blog featuring some of them, plus we hear from Alison from Riversands Wines on why she loves her Mum. Alison also shares her favourite recipe she learnt from her Mum – get ready to be inspired!

Congratulations to Gemma Leary, our Mother’s Day competition winner. We hope your lovely Mum enjoys her bottle of Let’s Dance sparkling chardonnay. “What I love most about my mum is the fact that she is mine; wouldn’t have her amazing carefree, loveable sprit any other way!"

Feel the love

  • Annette Kilpatrick nominated her Mum, “Suzanne Smith because she’s crazy and I’m so blessed to be her daughter! Sparkling sisters all the way!!”
  • Adrienne Noble shared, “Sparkling Sisters like my mother is divine; Qld is softening isolation a little bit so we can picnic and share it with the fun mum of mine.”
  • Meanwhile, Pamela Pearce Ogle tagged her children to nominate herself! “This mum has 9 children and one sent me a gift pack from here and it was just beautiful, so here is a chance to get this mum another bottle. LOL” – Now there’s a dedicated fan!

What lucky people we are to have such wonderful people in our lives! 

Riversands Winery owner, Alison Blacket shared; “I love my mum who is a wise and strong woman who raised my three brothers, my two sisters and me with love and lots of patience. She has always been smart and creative and kind which means a lot to me.

PLUS I love that she taught me how to cook. Here’s one of my childhood recipes for jam drops, of which I made many many batches feeding my hungry siblings. This has 5 simple ingredients and is quick and easy. I’d suggest Riversands Grape Jam as the jam of choice to use here! 

My mum, Florence, learnt to cook from her mother Violet who had cooking lessons (circa 1915) from the legendary Miss Schauer in Brisbane when she was a young lady.”

Have a go at Alison’s Mum’s jam drops, perhaps with a glass of your favourite Riversands Sparkling wine! 

Remember, you can show your love for your Mum any day. Get in touch if you’d like to do something special for her and we can create something custom.