It’s the most ‘wine’derful time of year!

The festive season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a wine in hand?

Whether you’re hosting or attending a function, or need a last-minute gift, make sure you’re prepared by ordering online.

At Riversands we cater to all wine lover's desires and have an array of award-winning reds, whites, sparkling’s, and ports to suit your festive season needs.

Scroll down to work out which Sparkling is to your taste and for a mimosa recipe to kick off Christmas brunches and celebrations!

Festive wine pairings:

These Sparkling wines are guaranteed to make your Christmas that little bit more ‘popping.’

Let's Dance Sparkling

After a savory pairing? This sparkling wine pairs deliciously with smoked salmon canapes, grilled prawns, marinated green olives, and chorizo croquettes – all the Christmas platter essentials. If you’re wanting a sweet alternative, our Let’s Dance goes down a treat with waffles, a touch of ice cream, fresh strawberries, and freeze-dried raspberries! The Let’s Dance sets off the sweet flavours and creates a beautifully decadent experience.

Sparkling Sisters 2020

This versatile wine is one of our go-to party season favourites! Ideal for appetisers, mains, or dessert thanks to its sweetness and lower alcohol level which makes it a perfect choice to serve for the Christmas festivities. This refreshing fruity wine pairs beautifully with spicy chorizo, goats cheese, and rocket salad or to sweeten things up; a pavlova drizzled with fresh berries, and vanilla cream. Delish!

Mimosas & Tips

If you’re hosting a Christmas brunch, mimosas are a fresh and festive drink that will go down a treat. Simple and easy to make a mimosa only requires two ingredients:

  1. Sparkling wine
  2. Orange juice


Orange Juice

  • Cold, fresh orange juice is best for mimosas. If you’re buying orange juice at the store, opt for high-quality, not from concentrate, pulp-free orange juice.

Mimosa Ratio

  • The perfect ratio of sparkling wine to orange juice is up to you. 
  • Start with the 50/50 ratio and adjust from there.

To garnish or not to garnish?

  • Mimosa’s are best kept simple, however as it’s the Christmas season feel free to spice up these cocktails to add an extra festive element. Keep the theme fruity and add a sliced strawberry into the drink or dress up the rims of your glasses with an orange twist or a cute little orange wedge.
  • Ensure you’re ready for the festive celebrations and stock up for Christmas today!

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